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Can replace coconut palm hard support 3D mattress material - L5620

      It is known that most people like to sleep on a hard mattress nowadays, because during the daytime activities, the spine is always under compression,sleeping on a hard bed can effectively eliminate the fatigue of the ligaments and muscles,furthermore, and the spine won’t form a side bend when sleeping sideways, and the spine is easy to recover.

      Most of the hard mattresses on the market use palm to harden the layer, but the palms have an odor smell when used, and the durability is poor. It is easy to maintain insects or breed bacteria.

      Wellcool develops a new 3D material,called L5620 which is very hard and replaces the palm layer and hard layer on traditional mattress. It is a new pure fabric material with excellent air permeability and excellent support. Its mesh holes on surface are breathable and drives away moisture. It can be cleaned, the water passes through in a second, and the mattress is always kept clean and fresh.