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An Interesting Day in Wellcool,Labor Day Tug of War

In order to enhance the cohesiveness of the Wellcool family, to cultivate family members’ perseverance, and also to enrich their leisure life, On this happy Labor Day, Wellcool organized a tug-of-war competition and provided a Show Stage for them. 

The tug-of-war competition was divided into 6 groups, and applied to two out of three competition mechanism. The friendship was the first and the competition was the second. The top three group separately got a 1.8*2m, 1.6x2m, and 1.2*2m cooling clean 3d pads, each participant got a pair of 3d cushions. 

The whistle had not yet sounded, Everyone was pulling back with great effort. The referees had to take great efforts to align the long rope with the middle divider which enjoyed the everyone. 

The whistle finally sounded, the order was made, the everyone lowered their gravity to pull back. Although their hands were all red, they did not let go. Pull it over here, pull it over there, the audience is still more intense than the participants. They cheered as loud as.

wellcool 1

The first round was over, everyone sweated and the body is released. The happy elements pervaded the air. Everyone's face burst a bright smile.

The Round 1, Round 2,... The Cheers came one after another and floated over the Wellcool sky. 

wellcool 2

The competition was over and everyone deserved their award. This is another kind of labor income. happy work, happy labor day. Through this round of tug-of-war competition, the family members collaborated happily together, leaving their troubles away and letting their minds fly. Also they increased their exchanges, deepened understanding of each other.Let’s look forward to meeting again, to being happy together again!