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The Call of the Heart, the Dedication of Love

Winter is synonymous with cold and dry, 

strong wind is like blades, blowing across  continuously , 

the cold followed by lower and lower temperature spreads 

throughout the body.Everyone is wrapped like a dumpling, 

with three layers inner and three layers outer, 

a hat on the head, a glove wrapped the hand, a scarf around his neck, 

and a gauze mask on the face, 

leaving only a pair of blinking eyes .

However, there are such groups of people who are inconvenient 

in their actions, neither have too many clothes to wear, 

nor have too much food to eat. And evermore, 

they still sleep on the summer mat in such a cold winter.

They eagerly looked forward to the help of the community 

and expected a ray of winter sunshine to help them 

to disperse the frigid frost.

love,calling of heart

Love dedication dates from the call of the heart. 

Wellcool together with Wenling buddhist temple took over

 the relay baton and organized company employees

 to take along quilt, 3d mattress, mattress topper, 

all kinds of food and came to Quanzhou Licheng welfare house 

to send our warmth which we can offered at least .

wellcool 3d mattress for elder

This is an experience which makes everyone fell lots 

but beyond words to express.

 When you took part in this activity , 

did haircut and nail-cut for the elderly, 

helped them put the quilt in the cover, 

made the bed for them ,communicated with them

 to exchange their life experiences and helpless . 

When you see their happy smile on the face 

just because of your coming, How can you not feel anything?

wellcool delivers food

More than just here, the world needs help everywhere. 

Wei Wei song such a lyric before "as long as everyone

 gave a little love, the world will become a better world"  

Wellcool hope that everyone is in the process of 

giving love and bringing charity into daily life. 

Start from the small things in life, 

let love illuminate the world.

Just take action with Wellcool !

wellcool welfare house group picture