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Application area of sandwich mesh cloth

         3d fabric is a kind of warp-knitted mesh fabric, which is composed of mesh surfaces up and down and filaments in the middle. It has a three-dimensional mesh structure and is used in various field.

         Features of 3d spacer fabric

                    1. Superior breathability

                    2. Light texture, easy to wash, antistatic

                    3. Mesh diversity, beautiful and generous

                    4. Resilience is good, providing buffer protection

                    5. The middle three-dimensional structure is firm

                    6. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, can be recycled

          Usages of 3d spacer fabric  

                    1. Mattresses, cushions, sofas, Japanese and Korean sleeping mats, pillows and other household items.

                    2. Car seat cushions and other automobile and motorcycle accessori

                    3. Hard hat liner

                    4. Outdoor sports such as saddle pads

                    5. Baby strollers

                    6. Other

        In a word, 3d spacer fabric is warp knitted by high-tech textile technology, which is a revolution in the soft filling material industry, completely changing the current situation of wet and unsanitary mattress.It meets the concept of saving resources and protecting the environment,its unique advantages gets more and more people’s favor and had a wide future development prospect.