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Wellcool Quanzhou relevant leaders to come and guide our 3D spacer business

             This is a sunshine morning on June, Quanzhou Market Supervision Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau  relevant leaders and Deputy Director of  Taiwan Investment Zone,Yang Changwen together with the Planning Bureau, the Economic and Trade Bureau,  Land and Resources Bureau came to Wellcool and  give guiding advice on our 3D spacer fabric business.

             At the scene, Mr. Huang from the Fulian organization expressed warm welcome and brief work report to the leaders. Then the manager  of the market development department introduced the situations of product development, market research and process of product innovation.

              The leaders visited the sample room of the Fulian instution accompanied by Mr. Huang, and the manager of the development department gave a detailed introduction to the  products of the Fulian institution including 3D pillows, 3D mattresses, baby products, etc. Furthermore, she explained 3D material advanced features such being environmentally friendly, non-toxic, breathable and washable. At the same time, we also analyze the positioning of our products in the market and the future development trend.

            The leaders gave high praise to our products and put forward guiding suggestions. They also indicated that they will pay close attention to the company's development prospects. The company will also actively respond to various government-planned entrepreneurial activities and develop the local economy and expressed our gratitude  to  government for their care and support .