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This is my 2018 Christmas wish, Christmas grandpa pls do not remember it conversely

Glamorous Christmas trees are dotted with expectations, melodious ringtones pass happiness, romantic light radiate a warm atmosphere, lovely Santa Claus ride to sent blessings. 

In the South, there is no falling snow,but Christmas atmosphere is still strong.

In this happy holidays, the heart of friends also beats up.
Someone says in wish, "Dear Santa, my wish for Christmas is to be a little thinner and my purse is to be a little fatter. 

Pls don’t get it wrong. You remember it conversely last year! "
Someone jokes: "Christmas is coming. Here tell single dogs good a good news! 

You are going to upgrade to a sled dog! Happy? (*^__^*) 
Someone says for fun  "Valentine's day, you let me alone, Christmas Eve,you let me alone, 

Christmas ,you let me alone, Why won’t you let me alone pass my test. "
Someone says romantically "Originally I want to send you a super cute Christmas gift, but the box is too small, I can not hide into it"
Someone recalls: "Every year’s Christmas, whether you will think of a certain Christmas years ago? 

Last Christmas , She rejected my confession. This Christmas ,I forgive her apology."
Someone says with emotion: “Santa Claus witnessed the four major stages of our life: 
1. You believe in Santa Claus; 

2. You no longer believe in Santa Claus; 

3. You are Santa Claus; 4. You seem to be Santa Claus . 

Time flies and cherish it while live . ”

Christmas is a magical holiday which may make people feel the fun and the wonder, also may make people feel romantic and happiness, 

and also may make people feel the growth and maturity.

 But no matter what kind of way you spend this Christmas, Wellcool will be always around with everyone.

 Here, we send our most sincere wishes, wish everyone 2018 is better, higher, happier than 2017, everyday is Christmas in your life.

 Merry Christmas! ! ! !