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Time is not forgiven,Cervical spondylosis may approach to you

    There are various factors and all kinds of reasons in life which keep affecting the body's cervical spine so that cervical spine is always in an overloaded state. Some is because of improper working posture, some is because of bad habits, and there is also some which is because of poor sleep position. “Phubbers” , “Mobile Phone Party“ is everywhere.

    Do you feel your cervical soreness is uncomfortable or feel you always have a stiff neck at night. This is the early symptoms of cervical spondylosis. Prevention and habit change become particularly important.

    First, pay attention to cultivate good daily habits . Do some cervical health exercises from time to time while working. In your free time, encourage yourself to go out and move up, to feel enjoyable life instead of imprisoning yourself in the phone world for long time 

    Second, a comfortable sleeping position  and a correct choice of pillows rests cervical spine a lot . It is very necessary to spend some time thinking of choosing a suitable pillow for yourself.
    Sleep habits affects the thickness and stiffness of our pillows. If you are a supine sleeper(face on) , you need a pillow that is medium in thickness and provides support to your neck. If you are a prone sleeper (face down), you need a relatively soft and flat pillow. If you are a sleeping sleeper(face side) , you need a thicker pillow to give your neck better support. If you are a mixed sleeper, all you need is a soft, medium-sized pillow to switch between sleeping positions.3d mesh pillow offers your choices. 

    Cervical disease tortures many people. some people may think that they are still young, so cervical disease has nothing to do with them. However, Wellcool want to say is that time is not forgiven, so ...