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Happiness and peace never conflict

Some people are looking for happiness every day, 

chasing and catching up, never stopping; 

some people are enjoying peace, slowing down and watching the flowers blooming in front of the court; 

those who are looking for happiness think calm means ordinary; 

those who enjoy calm feel that catching means hurrying;

In fact, happiness and calm never conflict.

For happyness, we will:

Go out and enjoy mountains and lakes

We work fervently , get promotion and salary increase;

We have a dinner party ,Karaoke, release ourselves;


For peace, we will:

With a cup of tea,recollect your life;

travel through the sea of books;

Enjoy sleep and free yourself;

1.8m 3D mattress, breathable 3D pillow, 

accompany you to sleep overnight


Happiness and peace never conflict; 

when we have enjoyed the peace well, we can clear the coordinates of looking for happiness and finding happiness, 

so with peace as the support, 

happiness will last longer instead of a temporary carnival